The Survival of the Fittest...

Half Term

The two small words that parents look forward to and dread in equal measure.

It’s a break from the endless school routine, the get up and get out mentality, but then there is the realisation that you have to entertain your child(ren) for five consecutive days; never mind all the complications that come with childcare if you’ve not been able to take any time away from work. 

As I write this it’s Monday 26th February and I’ve just packed my children off back to school and preschool and I feel that I’ve come through the weeks break relatively unscathed. The children are both in one piece, I’ve not killed them and they’ve not killed each other. In the past holidays we’ve always ‘chilled’ out at home, stayed in our pjs and had ‘lazy’ days. Except it’s never what it says on the tin is it? There’s usually one argument before 9am and by Wednesday there’s a regular chorus of I’m bored. School keeps them occupied you see, even if they hate school they’re still kept busy all day! 

So this half term I had a new plan, we were going out. Every day we went out somewhere. Anyone who reads my blog will know that currently I am a stay at home Mum so I’ve not got an endless supply of money to spend on activities! So instead I made use of every membership we have, bogof coupons and reduced rates. I enquirer at trampoline parks, soft play venues which days and times they were quietest and they were all super helpful. I don’t think any employees of these venues enjoy it when it’s really busy so the more spread out the visitors the better. I kept an air of mystery about our plans often not revealing our destinations until arrival, thus ensuring no time to complain about it. So at 2pm when we returned home, it was time for a bit of TV or iPad and mummy could have a cup of tea in peace; by Friday the wine that was normally consumed by 7pm on Monday was still in the fridge and I was feeling thoroughly pleased with myself.

I’m not unrealistic, I know that there’s no way I’ll be able to sustain this in the summer holidays; but for once it was actually nice to spend time with my kids without the arguing and the misbehaviour and all the other things that come part in parcel with having a family. I was relaxed because they were happy and enjoying themselves and it was nice to see them both worn out from having so much fun. 

Now to get planning for the Easter Holidays...only five weeks to go! 



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