One step at a time

I’ve recently started running, I say running I suppose jogging, staggering, half dying might actually be more accurate. I’ve been trying to go every day, even if it’s only a short one as it keeps the motivation and momentum going. Sometimes I run with a friend; other times it’s alone and it’s those times that’s got me thinking.
Jogging/running however you want to describe it is a wonderful analogy for life at its best and at its worst.
Sometimes when you run you have a goal, something you desperately want to achieve. Other times there is no purpose, you just keep going and then stop. Often you go in a circle, over and over again. It hurts, oh god it hurts. There are times when you are physically bent double, unable to catch your breath, unable to take a step and of course there is the permanent mental battle that ‘athletes’ call the wall. The point where your mind is telling you enough is enough.
Sounds a lot like life doesn’t it? There are times in your life where you will have something you desperate long for and each day will be in pursuit of that; other-times the sole aim will just be to reach the end of the day. It hurts. Oh god it hurts. That are moments in life where you can’t breathe, your body feels broken and you want to stop; and as for the mental battles…I think there are very few of us that actually don’t have something going on, a mental struggle… and well we all love a routine and there are those lovely vicious circles where we get caught up in our behaviours unable to break the cycle.
I could write for hours on the beautiful metaphorical relationship between running and life but it wouldn’t really get to the heart of what I want to say.
I never thought I’d be a runner…I’m not sure I even like it. I don’t know how long it will last, whether I’ll be a fair weather runner or whether it’ll be something I do religiously for the rest of my life. It’s taught me something, all you can do is keep putting one foot in front of the other; don’t stop trying, slow down if you need to, walk if you must but don’t stop putting one foot in front of the other. It’s true for running and it’s definitely true for life. Whatever is happening all we can ever do is keep on going one step at a time.


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